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Drew Bridewell

Drew hosts Practical UX Weekly and is a Lead Product Designer at Facebook

I’m a lifelong learner who's passionate about design education and designing world-class user experiences. I'm a Senior Design Specialist at inVision where my primary focus is to help educate the community on Studio and DSM ( Design System Manager) while coaching best design and collaboration practices. I also host a weekly series on and Linkedin Learning about UX where I teach practical UX best practices that can help support new designers in their career, as well as assisting existing designers to level up and polish their User Experience skills set.


"My design philosophy is to have enthusiasm, passion, and purpose to all elements of my work. I love going to work. I love technology and I love solving complex business problems through UX/UI Design".

Currently Drew is focusing on design education in the community which involves driving awareness of the power of inVision product suite and serving the design, engineering and product community as a resource of best practice training around team collaboration, design thinking, and utilization of the inVisionApp suite.
Previously Drew joined Linkedin with the acquisition as Senior UX Designer where he focused on all parts of the product. E.G. Enterpsie, Non members, Members, and Internationalization.

Drew worked for CrossCap from Feb 2013 - Feb 2014 where he lead UX/UI Design for existing applications. Drew was not only focused on leading the new UX/UI Design for Crosscap across all products, but was evangelizing continuous design, an iterative lean design methodology.

CrossCap provides a multichannel marketing platform for retailers. They offer alignment & integration for marketing, merchandising and store operations strategies and deliver a platform that is process, analytics and performance driven.

Drew worked for a few different companies covering a wide variety of audiences. His core focus was working for NICUSA. NIC builds official web sites, online services, and secure payment processing solutions for more than 3,500 federal, state, and local government agencies across the United States. He worked in the New Mexico Portal in Santa Fe where he was the lead designer over seeing start up company sites such as Lost and Find Me and designing state portal sites such as and MVD was the first ever MVD web site to receive an award in the Government-to-Citizen State Government Category(2010) DDGA, which Drew was responsible for. He did all Graphic Design, Web Design, Workflow Maps, Interaction Design, Front End Development for NMI and carried multiple roles and responsibilities as Creative Content Designer.

While working full time at NICUSA, Drew still kept up on many design projects. His past few have led him into some very exciting new waters. His sites include a wide range of audiences: Los Alamos County, New Mexico Cultural Affairs (not live yet), Saddleman's of Santa Fe, The Big Tomato, Sabio Systems, Granny Camp, Green Analytical, Cardinal Laboratories, and BusyLife Software.

At BusyLife Software Drew lead all design elements as Design Director and implemented all Graphical, Interaction, and Visual Solutions. He was responsible for anything Business to Business, Internal, and Business to Customer facing. You can see his work at \ BusyLife Solution PDF \ Restaurant Fact Sheet \ Whitepaper \ Applejack Wine & Spirits ( iOS) (Android), MyMaxMuscle (iOS) (Android), and many more.

Drew is an innovator who is constantly keeping up with lastest trends, methods, and best practices. He designs responsive layouts, web apps, IOS, Android and WP7 apps. He lives in Adobe Fireworks, CSS, HTML, and jQuery on a daily basis solving design issues, and developing code that makes a difference.

After College
Drew was hired by a creative start up company who went by the the name The Magellan Network, which is now ProfitStreams and who unfortunately went out of business in 2012. While there, he worked along side some of the most respected designers, product managers, and VP’s in the technology world. He learned very quickly the essence of usability in web design, user experience, usability testing, and much more. Coming into a team who had recently finished the design for Guest Management, an incredible 2008 product for restaurants to manage their customers in and out of their restaurants. The team received a "2008 Year’s 10 Best Application UIs with Nielsen Norman Group. It was an amazing experience for him to get into and learn from some serious industry experts. A few of the team members are now at Design Map, still creating wonderful applications and experiences.